1. WeMake Celebrates with Put A Bird In It!

    Written by cre8tivegirl | July 12, 2013


    We are excited to contribute to this years Design Week Portland with two of our events that will be closing off the weeks festivities at Sandbox Studio— sketchXchange with LAIKA and WeMake Celebrates.

    SAVE THE DATE! Saturday Night, October 12th

    Festivities will include:

    – Put A Bird In It— Auction & Fundraiser
    - A Curated Poster Show with 10 amazing artists (more info soon)
    - Live Silkcreening, brought to you by Golden Rule Design
    - A live maker activity with Tanner Goods
    - Interactive Fun by Transport and Nick Stokes Design
    - A chance to play with Wacom Cintiqs and win a Wacom tablet
    - Performances by School of Rock and more!

    Please join us in our efforts to support arts and music education and to celebrate the design and art community of Portland.

    And now, A BIG THANK YOU! & CONGRATULATIONS to these folks for being selected to this year’s Put A Bird In It. YAY!


    Amy Ruppel


    Ben Patterson

    Bethany Ng


    Blaine Fontana

    BT Livermore

    Cameron Sandage + Ryan Swedenborg

    Casey Ohngren

    Celia Beauchamp

    CINCO Design


    Clutched Key Collective

    Damion Triplett, Nike

    Dave Selden

    Design Vessel—Mark Soasey + Eric Delph

    Dominic DeVenuta

    Emily Katz


    Eric Reigert

    Factory North

    Gravitate Design

    Greater Than Four


    Halle Cisco

    Henry Gibson


    HUB Collective

    IDL Worldwide


    Jennifer Reynolds

    Jessica Swift

    Jon James Staton + Alexandria Cummings

    Jon Macnair

    Jordan Domont

    Keith Carter


    Leo Zarosinski

    Lisa Hildebrant

    Matt Graff

    Matt Kamaio

    MC Laser Labs

    Molly Kennedy-Darling

    Morgaine Faye

    NEMOEugene Good

    Nicole Bittner + Zach Yarrington

    Patrick Woolworth

    Paul Anders

    Phillip Stewart & Robb Off

    Pinnacle Exhibits

    Print Graphics

    Rory Phillips

    Ryan Bubnis

    Santiago Uceda

    Sean Garrison

    Second Story



    Tanner Goods

    TBIB Creative


    The Good Mod

    The Study

    Thomas Adock

    Tom O’Toole + Pizza Friday


    Uncorked Studios


    Watson Creative


    Yellena & Andrew James

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      We are honored to be a part of this show this year! What a stellar lineup.
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      I’m in this show again this year and have an epic birdhouse planned. It’s gonna be fun!
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      So stoked to be a part of this for a second year, and to be surrounded by such amazing talent!
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      Look at that list!
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      Stoked to be on this list. Keep your peepers open for my bird house.
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